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It's true what they say - health is wealth! 

The Health Nut is a mobile convenience store for people who are as nuts about a well-balanced diet and healthy lifestyle as we are. We offer an array of organic fruit and nut snacks that substitute the junk too many of us allow in our diets. 

As is the case with most small businesses in The Bahamas, we came about as a solution to a simple problem. We wanted healthy snacks at our convenience.


Personal health should never be a matter of convenience - it should be a way of life. This is why our mission isn't only to provide products and convenience but it's to raise awareness of the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle from the inside, out. 

By offering you healthy snacks and resources that educate you on how to build a healthy lifestyle, we hope to empower you along your journey to a better you. Whether you want to prevent common conditions like diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and hypertension, or you want to lose weight, The Health Nut is nuts about your personal development!

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