How to avoid the fear of setting goals after 2020

The most important lessons 2020 taught us about setting goals

Mama, we made it! With only a few days left in the trainwreck that was 2020, can we have a praise-break to thank Him?! There are so many reasons to be grateful for the ending of this year. And even more to look towards the future with great expectation. As we mentioned many times already, 2020 was a year for the books in the worst way possible! That means if you survived this, there is a high chance that you can survive anything else that life throws at you. Cut yourself some slack, and pat yourself on the back for how much strength you gained this year. The best of your days are yet to come!

If you feel tempted to let delayed goals and failures dash your hopes for the New Year, set them anyway! One thing that people learned in 2020 is the importance of pivoting. Life is unpredictable and filled with curveballs. Another thing that people learned is that we are often delayed but never denied. This year gave many of us opportunities to:

  • Reset

  • Refresh

  • Recalibrate

  • Relaunch

Heck, we relaunched an entire business during the global pandemic! Was it easy? No. Yet, it was worth it! So, before the clock restarts, we wanted to share:

5 ways to set realistic goals

The third lesson that many of us learned this year was how to set realistic goals. Be real: some of your goals were unattainable within the parameters you set. They were not suited for your long-term purpose in life. Either way, you lived, and you learned. Apart from setting the right parameters, you need to:

1. Write down your goals.

This is not new advice, yet, you somehow think you can smash a goal without writing it out or having a plan. Sure, some people get through this world with luck, but that is not ideal. When you have a rough written plan, it helps you:

  • Take inventory of your resources

  • Outline the steps you need to take

  • Revise the deadlines you need to meet when pursuing your goals.

2. Be very specific.

Although it does not always feel that way, we live in a world that is by design. The sun rises and sets around the same time during dawn and dusk. Human babies spend about the same amount of time in the womb during gestation. Perfect, specific design. When you set vague goals, you materialize vague results. Set your mind on what you want, write it down, then start working towards it!

3. Choose goals that you can measure.

This goes back to setting the right parameters. When setting goals, you need to imagine what your ideal outcome will be. It helps to write that down, too. Once you imagine it, identify what you will see, hear, and feel once you reach your goal.

4. Pursue personal goals.

We cannot stress this enough - stay in your lane! Too often, people get caught up in other people’s lives. Drawing inspiration from others can be fun yet deadly when unchecked. Because someone does something and makes it look easy does not mean that it is! You will never know the full story of anyone’s life. So do not make assumptions based on what you see on social media or hear in passing. Your talents will make room for you if you use them! Chase the goals that set your heart on fire and bring out the passion inside of you. That is the only way to avoid disappointment.

5. Let others hold you accountable.

As adults, we hate people looking over our shoulders. Part of being social, though, is making room for accountability as we pursue our goals. No man is an island, and life is best in a community. Share your goals with people that you trust and who are also in pursuit of theirs. It may surprise you how these same people will help you along the way.

So there you have it! The simplest but most effective advice that you heard before but still have not applied. As we go into this New Year, focus on putting one foot in front of the other. Life is not about the big leaps that you make every so often. It is about the small, consistent steps that you take to get to your destination. Enjoy the journey and in everything, give thanks. For delays, mishaps, failures, and successes. Happy New Year!

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